Eugene Yacht Club “Live on the Edge” Regatta

Next Regatta: June 11 & 12, 2016

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Report: 2015 “Live in the Edge” Multihull Regatta, one for the record books!

What a great weekend it was; warm, sunny, windy and a great group of sailors spending a lot of time on the water. Temperatures in the low 80′s and steady winds of 14-16 with gusts up to 20 knots. And that was measured at the EYC dock, out on the lake wind speed could have been a bit higher. It does not get much better than that. All these wonderful ingredients made it easy for the Race Committee; they could set a long course using the full length of the lake and no need to reset during the day.

We had four fleets: three one design: Hobie 16 (6 boats), Hobie 14 (2 boats), A-Cat (3 boats), and one handicap fleet (9 boats (10 on Sunday)).

Given the good conditions, the Race Committee summoned the sailors out on the water by noon. Travis Thompson, crew on the 2014 Overall Winner and now on a loaned P16 which he was not familiar with, must have decided to be prepared for everything and pitch poled the boat before racing even had started. He was not the only one; Gerald Valeske had local youth sailor Max DiMarco as his crew and in an apparent attempt to get Max hooked forever to catamaran sailing, in one of the races capsized near the top mark where it was quite gusty.

RC got us off on a 2 lap windward/leeward course, which turned out to be close to an hour long race. With that experience, the RC kept us going with a triangle+W/L and another two 2xW/L races. While the wind was consistent throughout the day, on the lake there were patches with light and shifty air that were hard to see and predict. They seemed to roll down the middle of the course. Going way left or right appeared the right thing to do, but at some point you had to cross to get to the mark.

Dominance was established on Saturday in each fleet: in the A-cats Stan Breed was consistently the fastest, same for Kelly Havig in the handicap fleet. Dan Nicholson had some trouble with the top mark, he missed rounding the offset mark in the first two races.  After a rough first race, Laura Sullivan and Pete Nelson found their groove and dominated from there on in the H16. John Ped was right there behind them in every race. The family rivalry in the H14 was convincingly decided in favor of Valerie Pioszak, with four wins.

After all this hard work, the RC got us back on shore in time for refreshments, provided by Ninkasi Brewing Company and some fabulous appetizers, prepared by Marie Johnson. Followed by our traditional pizzas.

The raffle tuned out to become a bargaining stage as Keven Dickey was trying to trade his $20 gift certificate for a much more valuable item he had a use for. Rumors are that he succeeded.

On Sunday the conditions were the same as Saturday and by 10 AM we were all on the water on our way to the South end of the lake to the starting line.

The A-Cats got off in the same fashion as the day before with Stan Breed leading all the way. This much to the chagrin of Roeland Kapsenberg, who tried everything to change the pecking order. In the second race he was close on the transom of Stan rounding the top mark, but lost control and capsized. In third race fortunes changed. Stan took the right side of the course going upwind, Roeland and Randy Nikolai took the left side. Roeland managed to capsize again, this time in a tack and Randy took off. At the top mark, it was Randy ahead followed by, Roeland and Stan in third place. This order was kept until the last downwind gate, when Randy and Stan took the right side and Roeland the left side of the course, which proved to be the winning move. Randy managed to stay ahead of Stan and finished in second place.

In the H16 fleet Laura and Pete continued their pace found on Saturday adding another three wins. In the handicap fleet Kelly had to concede to Dan Nicholson in race 6 and added two more wins to her score card. Todd Morrill joined the fray by single handing his H16. On Saturday he crewed for Mike Marriott, who’s crew did show up on Sunday.

The H14 took it easy and went back to shore with only one race on Sunday.

With seven races sailed, there was one toss-out and that resulted in only 6 points for each of the fleet winners. Well done!

The Team Cup was won by the Red/Blue team of Valerie Pioszak, Gerald Valeske, Larry Cox, Laura Sullivan. The Overall Pennant was claimed by Kelly Havig. With her near perfect score in the largest fleet, she came out well ahead of her nearest challenger, Stan Breed.

This Regatta could not be made successful without wind and sunshine, nor without the enthusiasm of these individuals:

Race Committee: Richard Johnson, Rich Aaring, John Franklin, Gordon Mattatal

Finish boat: Ken Meneely, Joanne Jones

Rescue boats, mark settings: Dave Brown, Kaylee Brown, Phill Root, Gale Morgan, Ron Fish, Glen Hughes, Matt Sprick, Jim Hill

Friday supper: Joanne Jones

Saturday breakfast: Nick Tabet, Shelley Johnson

Saturday dinner: Marie Johnson, Richard Johnson, Debbie Collins

Sunday breakfast: Matt Fleischmann, Dave and Carla Lux

On shore: Larry Cox, Joanne Jones, Sandy Franklin, Debbie Collins, Dan Nicholson, Jason Vasquez, Charlie Magee, Roeland Kapsenberg

Thank you volunteers!

We can look back at a wonderful weekend with fantastic racing and a great atmosphere. Thank you sailors for making trip, from as far as Reno and Seattle. We hope to see you again next year!

Roeland, Regatta chair

Postscript: My double capsizes came at a price: early Monday morning I ended up in the ER and was diagnosed with a sprained knee and shoulder! I am not 20 anymore….