2016 “Live on the Edge” Multihull Regatta
10th Anniversary!

June 11/12 was the 10th edition of the “Live on the Edge” Multihull Regatta. The forecasted conditions earlier in the week, were not very promising; cool, overcast, chance of rain and perhaps even thunderstorms. Usually that means light or no wind. This did not deter the sailors to come. By Saturday morning we had 23 boats registered. And their determination was rewarded. It turned out to be a great weekend of sailing, with 4 races both on Saturday and Sunday.

Sailors already started to arrive on Thursday and took the opportunity to participate in the Thursday night club racing as a tuneup for the weekend. On Friday more did arrive, albeit later than usual, due to heavy traffic on I­5 between Seattle and Eugene. The trip to the regatta turned very sour for Valerie Pioszak, whose truck got hit by a car trying to pass, as she made a left turn close to EYC. Thankfully she was not injured, but her truck was totalled. Miraculously, her Hobie she was trailering was not hit. She was shaken, but sailing the next day.

By Saturday morning everyone had settled in, their boats rigged and ready. Skippers meeting was at 11:00 AM and at that time there was no wind. The forecast looked good however, with the wind slowly building through the afternoon. PRO Richard Johnson told us to wait a bit and as soon as the wind started to build he would call us out on the water. We didn’t have to wait too long, as by 2:00 PM the Race Committee’s horn urged us to get going. By the time the first start got underway, a nice breeze had settled in.

We had three fleets. Division 1, the boats with a Portsmouth Rating under 69, three A­Cats and a big F­31R trimaran. Depending on the breeze, that can be a strange mix; A­Cats just stay out of the way, the big boat has a big wind shadow. Division 2 were the boats with a Portsmouth rating >69 and we had a 10 boat Hobie 16 fleet. The latter thanks to Laura Sullivan, who worked hard to make the “Live on the Edge” Regatta count towards the Hobie championship and known among the Hobie sailors.

Saturday the wind remained steady throughout the afternoon and we did get four races in. Steady, in the sense that it stayed in the 10 ­12 mph range, but it was shifty and light spots across the course. In Division 1 the wind was too light for the F­31 to really get going and Sandy Dick was struggling to shake off his winter layover, it was only his second time sail for the year.

As a result, Randy and Roeland were trading wins, both ended the day with two wins and two second places. Randy got a DSQ in race 4, after he missed a mark: “what mark?” he replied, after he was asked by the finish boat if he had rounded it. It helps to remember the course when you start.

Division 2 had competitive racing behind Lonnie Byers, who scored 4 firsts. There was a lively trading of places between 2nd through 5th place over the 4 races. Last year’s Pennant winner, Kelly Havig, wasn’t on pace and in race three the pin, holding her forestay, broke and her mast came down. Thankfully no injuries and limited boat damage. The rescue boat towed her to Peter Nelson and Laura Sullivan dominated in the Hobie fleet, but Jay Rosenbach and Amy Twibell were able to pick them off in race 4. Overall the fleet saw close competitive racing with aggressive starts from all sailors.

After racing we enjoyed a cool craft beer, or two, and our traditional pizza dinner. Sandy Dick gave a presentation about his experiences on Dragonfly, an F­40 catamaran on which he is the mainsheet trimmer. They capsized last year in the Around the County race, which made sailing headlines. Gladly all crew survived, with Sandy to tell us the story. This is not a beach cat that you simply flip back up again. Check their website: http://dragonflysailing.com/

Our 10th anniversary raffle had a special prize; a wrist wearable GPS multifunctional device, which was won by Don Kaster. Unfortunately the device was delayed by UPS, but rest assured, it arrived on Monday and is expedited to Don.

Sunday’s conditions were great early on, and by 10:00 AM we were back on the water. Richard sent us off on long races. It did get light and fluky at times, but overall excellent sailing conditions.

In Division1, the F­31R had retired after having the spinnaker hung up in the spreader and tearing a big rip in it in race 4. This left the fleet to the three A­Cats, who had close racing.

Roeland ended up with three firsts and a second (securing Div 1 1st place), despite having misread the fifth race’s course and crossing the finish after the first lap only to have to unwind it and get back racing again to do the second lap. Sandy found his groove too and was much more competitive. Racing was close, especially in race 8, all three finished within 20 seconds from each other, Randy taking the win and Div 1 2nd place.

Division 2 saw more consistency on Sunday. However, Rich Ameson and Gerald Valeske/Will Nelson were both able to steal a win from Lonnie Byers. Kelly Havig had been able to re­rig her H17 with help from Jason Vasquez, but without the jib. Her handicap could not be changed mid-regatta, but nevertheless her scores were considerably better than the day before. She was on fire, back in form; a great comeback. This came partly at the expense of Dan Nicholson, who had scored consistently in the top on Saturday, but had to yield to Kelly on Sunday. Lonnie took the Div 2 win, with Rich second and Gerald/Will third place.

The Hobie fleet also saw more consistency between the races than on Saturday. Again Pete and Laura dominated the score. This time it was Martin and his 10 year old son Daniel who were able to steal a race win, with second places in all other races. What better way to get the youth hooked on sailing! Jay and Amy were consistent with third finishes in three of the races.

These made up the top three in the final score. Close competitive racing throughout the fleet, what more can you ask for!

The Team prize was won by Team Blue/Red: Peter Nelson/Laura Sullivan, Gerald Valeske/Will Nelson, Larry Cox, Jay Rosenbach/Amy Twidell.

Overall winners and winner of the perpetual “Live on the Edge” Pennant were Peter Nelson/Laura Sullivan. The Pennant was handed over to Peter and Laura by last year’s winner, Kelly Havig. This is the second time Laura has won the Pennant.

Our 10th edition of ”Live on the Edge” deserves recognition to those who have been there for us throughout all 10 years.

Our meal preparers:

Friday’s supper, which started out as “Picnic at the Gate”, by Joanne Jones and Larry Cox;

Saturday’s breakfast by Shelley Johnson and Nick Tabett, (although Nick was out of town this Saturday’s pizza extravaganza by Marie and Richard Johnson

Sunday’s breakfast by Matt Fleischman (and crew most of the years)

Race Committee: Richard Johnson, Rich Aaring, Karen Nousen

Finish Boat: Kenn Meneely, Joanne Jones, Jaime Skeen

Rescue boats: Dave Brown, John and Teri Ward, Salty Green, Gale Morgan, Ron Fish and newbie Ken Hoffman

Website: Charlie Magee

Organizing committee: Roeland Kapsenberg, Larry Cox, Dan Nicholson

EYC members for the upgrades in the clubhouse and restrooms and keeping the grounds so inviting.

Thank you all for making our regatta a memorable event for our sailors. It keeps them coming back year after year. See you next year!